Dynamic Content

A landing page is usually devoted to a single service. When you offer several services, the most obvious solution is to create several landing pages. But it consumes your time, money and patience, especially if the new service is temporary or seasonal.

The proper way to boost conversion is dynamic content as it makes it possible to change titles, text, buttons, and images depending on the user’s needs. There are services on the Internet that add dynamic content automatically, but they cost money. I, on the other hand, will teach you how to do it yourself and for free.

Now you're probably going to ask me…

Yana, is dynamic content even legal?

dynamic content

Many of those who want to create a dynamic landing page are scared away by the terrifying term “cloaking” (thinking that it is as illegal as using magic outside of Hogwarts - all those invisibility cloaks and stuff). This is one of the techniques of black SEO: the user sees one thing, while the search robot sees something else. Not cute.

Let me tell you this right away: dynamic content has nothing to do with it. Cloakers (with a “k”!) work with organic search results, whereas we replace words in the user’s browser when the user clicks a smart link.

If the user clicks a direct link, he or she will see the original version of the page, the one visible to search robots. Dixi.

Setting up your dynamic content

You will need three tools:

  • Google Tag Manager;
  • Basic knowledge of HTML;
  • Skills

First, you need to add the Google Tag Manager container snippet to all pages of your site. To find out how to do it watch this video by my colleagues about tracking Google Analytics events.

Stage 1. Create a trigger

Dynamic Content

Assign a name to your trigger, for example “dynamic header” (very creative, I know). Select “Page view” in the trigger type field.

Dynamic Content

Next step is the easiest one. Don’t touch anything, just click Next. The final step is to select “some page views”. Next, specify conditions under which the trigger should fire.

  • Select “Page URL” in the first field;
  • Select “contains” in the second one;
  • Fill the third field with words that will feature in the dynamic link, for example, dynamic_header.

Save and continue.

Dynamic Content

Stage 2. Create a tag

The first step is to select “Custom HTML tag”.

Dynamic Content

Insert this code in a new window:


$(‘h1’).text(‘New header’);


Obviously, you should write your own header instead of “new header”. So, the second line of the code will look like this:

$(‘h1’).text(‘Everyone has lousy landing pages, but mine is cool’);

Click Next and move over to triggering conditions. By clicking More open the list of triggers and choose the one you have just created. Save the tag and click “Publish”.

Dynamic Content

Now that the link is all UTM’ed up, it’s time to add our trigger condition, which is dynamic_header, to it. The link will now look like this:


Done! Now the page has the header you specified in the tag settings.

But then you may ask me…

So, dynamic content is actually only about headers?! What’s going on, Yana?

No, it isn’t. Who told you that? For instance, you can use it to change the name of a button or text on a page.

Assign a unique ID to each element you want to be dynamic. For example, it can be <div id=”button1”>…</div> with a piece of code instead of the ellipsis.

Now insert the following line into the HTML window (stage 2, step 2):


document.getElementById(‘button1′).innerHTML=’New button name’;



Dynamic content in practice

This Russian cafe for parents and children has a landing page where you can order a birthday celebration. It looks like this:

dynamic content

Every summer there is a seasonal demand for prom celebrations. However, as prom time is quite short, there is no need to create a separate landing page. Just add dynamic elements to the existing one, like I did for this cafe. I changed the header and button names, added new photos and text. So, if you arrive on the website through the ad for “prom celebration at a kids cafe”, you will see the following page:

dynamic content

Let’s sum up

Dynamic content is easy:

  • Add the Google Tag Manager container snippet to all pages of your site;
  • Create a trigger;
  • Create a tag;
  • Insert the HTML code;
  • Publish!

I hope you will get some practice with dynamic content. And if you have already used it, tell us in the comments how much your conversion rate has grown.

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